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Version: 2.8.4
Release Date: 2020-03-06
Authors: Peter Ruckdeschel, Matthias Kohl
Required R-Version:
Dependencies: requires packages "distr", "distrEx" version >= 2.0 by the first two authors of this package together with Thomas Stabla, Florian Camphausen,
and "startupmsg" by Peter Ruckdeschel also available from CRAN

What is "distrMod" meant for?

The aim of package "distrMod" is to introduce parametric models built up on package "distr" : The key class we introduce is "ParamFamily" bringing
together parameters and distributions; most importantly, we have a mapping function modifyParam mapping a parameter theta to the
corresponding distribution member of the parametric family. Based on this we introduce MCEs (Minimum Criterion Estimators) which
are defined as minimizing a criterion function at the data within the parametric family.
These are realized as a function taking as arguments data, ParamFamily, criterion, the latter being the criterion function with arguments
data and theta measuring the criterion at parameter value theta.
Particular cases are
the criterion function is then optimized using the R-functions optim, optimize, respectively.
MCEs can (but do not need to) use method dispatch; this way particular methods beyond numerical optimization can be used
without changing "distrMod" code


As a common manual  to packages distr, distrEx, distrSim, distrTEst, distrMod, distrTeach, we have a  vignette
which is available in the mere documentation package distrDoc. To use it you may type
        require("distrDoc"); V<-vignette("distr"); print(V); edit(V) 


This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL
PUBLIC LICENSE LGPL v3, confer http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-3.0.html






Version history:

First version (2.0)  (2008-01-15)

Changes from 2.0 to 2.1

Changes from 2.1 onwards

Our plans for the next version:

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