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Version: 2.3.3
Release Date: 2011-11-19
Authors: Peter Ruckdeschel, Matthias Kohl, Thomas Stabla, Florian Camphausen, Eleonara Feist, Anja Hueller
Required R-Version:

What is the "distrXXX" family meant for?

Project distr is an umbrella project which contains all the packages of the "distrXXX"-family. These in return are all based on package "distr". This family currently comprises the packages
It also contains packages startupmsg and SweaveListingUtils
Besides the packages the project also contains the following folders
Also the informative (non-formatted ASCII-)-Files
should be interesting.

If you want to collaborate (which you are welcome to do!):

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The project summary page you can find here.